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“The Youngest One”: 2 trailers for 1 movie—by Jim Burt

Because music was such a big part of this film, I decided to make two separate trailers for it to present how music and cryptic images can have a huge impact on a film’s message. That said, I wanted to see what I could do with two separate genres: suspense and drama. As both trailers imply, the movie has quite a few things going on. For example, there is intense violence and vague detail in one trailer, while the other seems to have a touching story between a man and a young girl. To illustrate, let’s evaluate these two very different trailers separately:

First trailer (the violent one)

Everything that you see in this particular trailer actually appears in the film, but isn’t presented as graphic as the trailer entails. This means that the trailer can be left for interpretation; it does not give away any plot details of the film whatsoever. After I finished filming, I wanted to create a horror themed trailer to not only throw people off, but I also wanted to see the film from a different perspective myself. This is where some imagination came into play that was apart from the script. We see the man that appears sinister, as if he is a serial killer of sorts. In addition, there isn’t a connection between the little girl and the man or “glitches” from the past (seen in the official trailer). It was created to exhibit acts of horror using extreme close ups, suspenseful music, and cryptic images.


Second trailer (or OFFICIAL Trailer)

This trailer presents the idea of a “broken disk” (or disc, storage device, etc.). It primarily focuses on one man, who seems to raise the little girl over an extended period of time. We see him, from this perspective, as a gentle man who was forced to make unfortunate decisions to protect her. Moreover, we see that he holds a strong connection with the young girl through the “glitches” of his past.

Editing was a huge component of this film. As you know, a script can be taken to many different, creative ways. The Youngest One had absolutely no dialogue, but there is still a big story behind it, which becomes clearer as the film progresses.

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