Win a HandlePod for Steady Cameraphone Video

Shaky video can ruin an otherwise excellent smartphone video. An inexpensive solution is the HandlePod from one of the sponsors of our “Lights! Cameraphone! Action!” contest.

Image quality with the HandlePod is the same as you get when using a tripod, but without all the weight and bulk. More exciting, the device mounts virtually anywhere: helmets, hang-gliders, skateboards, lamp posts, railings, even the rear view mirror of your car.

Take a look at a spectacular demo featuring a thrilling roller-coaster ride down the crookedest street in the world here.

HandlePod is giving away three of the devices, honoring 1)the most unusual or eye-grabbing location found in the competition, 2) the best line of dialogue–spoken or on a title card, 3) the most intriguing story concept. An entrant can win only one of these prizes, and all decisions will be made by IMTF’s staff.

You can buy a HandlePod for only $29.95 at www.handlepod.com/. Definitely worth it.

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