Winning the Student Prize by Kris Theorin

I made the BRAIN GOBBLERS FROM SATURN when I was 13. (I am 14 now). It was based on the 1950’s B Movie Horror Films like “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.” It took me about two days to make it. My older brother Kurtis (age 18) did all the voices and I filmed, edited and added the special effects to it. I have made several stop motion animation films using Lego’s. You can see them on my YouTube channel Bionicle28. We have several web series, the latest of which is Part 3 of Strangers a film noir/sci fi/detective story using Legos. I use iStopMotion to film my movies and Final Cut to edit them.

My mom gave me iStopMotion for my birthday when I was 10 years old and I started making movies with Legos. Now I have over 80 movies, trailers and tutorials on my channel. My 15 minute movie Legando just won Best Animation at the Westport Youth Film Festival in Connecticut. The IMTF student award-winning trailer also won an award at the WHYY Youth Media Awards in Philadelphia this past fall.

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