If you want distribution for your feature movie—in any genre—IMTF can help. Our parent company IndieFilmConnect, LLC is working with industry expert Andrew Fogelson.

Mr. Fogelson combines an extensive theatrical marketing/distribution background with a profitable history as a film producer, and is the founder of TODpix.com, a 21st century theatrical distribution entertainment platform marketing and distributing targeted/niche movies predominately through social media and mobile applications for on-demand film programming in the global theatrical market.

Through this relationship, IndieFilmConnect aims to arrange theatrical—and post theatrical—exhibition of indie movies. To apply, simply enter your trailer in the 2013 Trailer Contest. Be sure to click the “I’m interested in distribution” button in the Entry Form. If the IMTF staff believes that your movie might meet the distribution criteria, we will contact you. There are no extra fees for our distribution service.