“Macbeth…For the Second Millennium” wins IMTF’s trailer script contest

Ivar Kant writes about his screenplay: “My trailer script represents the as-yet-unproduced screenplay of the same name.

“The screenplay won best script at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood at the beginning of this year. Apart from writing it, I hope to direct it given the opportunity.

“When I began to write a trailer script of my film for the IMTF trailer screenplay contest, I had to think of what is the function of a trailer. Although in my “Macbeth” screenplay, I have edited Shakespeare’s text, and in many cases told the same story visually, the main text still remains. For the trailer, images prevailed – words were at a minimum, just a taste.The trailer uses more and more rapid intercuts, reaching to a dramatic climax. Of course images in themselves, no matter how dynamic, can remain empty – unless as in “Macbeth” there is an innate psychologicalthread that links them and grips us.

“I had to imagine an audience that had no idea of the story. (Shakespeare is no longer required reading in our schools ) The trailer and the film have quotes on the screen at the beginning, that give the “why”of the film. What I would wish for is that the popcorn is put aside as we race to the end of this great and powerful story. That we are moved……and possibly, see ourselves.”

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