MobileMovieMaking magazine showcases indie shorts—made with mobiles

MobileMovieMaking.com is a new venue for exhibiting the work of indie moviemakers.  This free online magazine focuses on the art and technology of using smartphones and tablets to shoot movies.

Launched on June 1, MMM is published by IndieFilmConnect, the company that founded the International Movie Trailer Festival. The new magazine will exhibit dramas, documentaries, music videos, and works in all other genres…including trailers. The only requirement is that the cinematography be done using a mobile device. Read more


Winners of IMTF’s 2013 Trailer Contest

Matthew VanDyke’s “Not Anymore”–a trailer for a short documentary–has won IMTF’s 2013 Grand Prize. The competition drew more than 200 entries from 20 countries including the U.S., Nigeria, Israel, South Africa, Italy, and Indonesia.

Other winners are: Read more


MixBit calls for entries in “Project Next”–a student filmmaker contest

There’s no denying that the film industry is changing. Distribution is being uprooted, everyone has a video camera in their pocket, and equipment is cheaper and more portable than ever. Filmmaking is being democratized, put into the hands of the people who go out and create stuff. Supporting this development, MixBit sponsoring  Project Next, a contest to find talented student filmmakers Read more


Exposition: How to make it dramatic

This is the first in a series of short tips based on the creative efforts of IMTF’s entrants. Each how-to piece will reference a trailer that has been submitted to our Festival.

Background information plays a vital role in storytelling by introducing the audience to the characters and their struggles. The challenge is to make exposition dramatic. In “ASSET,” a web series concept trailer, the screenwriters avoided the pitfall of boring exposition by suggesting intercutting informational dialogue with action sequences. This counterpoint, starting at 0:33,  keeps viewers slightly off-balance Read more