IMTF Announces Its First Distribution Deal

IMTF’s parent company–IndieFilmConnect–is pleased to announce the theatrical release of CODEBREAKER, a British-made docudrama produced by Patrick Sammons. The bio-pic focuses on Allan Turing, a key figure in breaking the Nazi enigma code machine. After World War II, Turing developed many of the ideas that shaped modern digital computing.

“Codebreaker” will have its “World Theatrical Premiere” in Washington DC October 17 at the Georgetown Theater. It will then be shown in New York on October 25 at the Empire Theater and in San Francisco on November 1 at the Metreon. Exhibition in other cities will follow.

The movie, which was discovered by IMTF, is being released by TODpix, an innovative distribution company. You can see the trailer for Codebreaker at the top of our home page.

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