MobileMovieMaking magazine showcases indie shorts—made with mobiles

MobileMovieMaking.com is a new venue for exhibiting the work of indie moviemakers.  This free online magazine focuses on the art and technology of using smartphones and tablets to shoot movies.

Launched on June 1, MMM is published by IndieFilmConnect, the company that founded the International Movie Trailer Festival. The new magazine will exhibit dramas, documentaries, music videos, and works in all other genres…including trailers. The only requirement is that the cinematography be done using a mobile device.

Currently playing in the virtual theater are short movies from Spain, Australia, Russia, and the U.S. Each video is accompanied by a concise text that provides behind-the-scenes information.

In addition to exhibiting movies, the magazine sponsors contests, reviews hardware and software, and publishes tips. It also operates a Clip Exchange designed to enable far-flung moviemakers to collaborate on projects.

MMM will run several contests each year. The current challenge is to use a mobile device to make a silent movie: music and sound effects are OK, but  no spoken or written dialogue or narration. There is no entry fee. The deadline is August 31. You can find all the rules and a sample silent movie at http://mobilemoviemaking.com/silent-movie-contest/

If you have questions or would like to have one of your mobile-shot movies featured in the magazine, email: info@mobilemoviemaking.com


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