“Monstrosity” Review

Jack Gilbert in Drinkin & Drive-in says about “Monstrosity”:

“Thanks to a science accident (kaBOOM), a world of monsters (us) collides with a monster world (them). Next thing you know, there are hideous top-hat wearing trolls and pumpkin zombies popping up in gas stations, restaurants and city parks, places you’d normally go to the bathroom.”Monstrosity” is that film.

“Based on the kid-friendly horror film short “Unpleasantville” (2010), “Monstrosity” does a Tim Burton maneuver, combining colorful costumes and remarkable creature masks with Goth-y stop motion and digital animation. As “Monstrosity “is family-ready, don’t expect exploding brains, blood baths and/or pumpkin goo gone wild.”

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