The Making of “Magic Bullet” by Errol Schwartz

Magic Bullet is a short-film adaptation of The Cure – a feature film script I wrote mid-2010. In the process of seeking funds for the feature film, I decided to make a short and hopefully use it to pique investor’s interest in the feature. To make this short calling card more compelling I thought, “Why not shoot it on a smartphone?” Read more


Creating the “Stories from the Underworld” book trailer by Johanna Pitcairn

New York City has been my home for seven years – and as I searched my own darkness, the Big Apple revealed itself to me.

I started writing detective novels at age nine, and then progressively tackled new genres, and new styles as years went by. By age seventeen, I was ready to go to film school. But life, and my father’s guidance, took me on a different path. I thought writing had been only a phase of my artistic youth. After all, I had to live on my own, and writing wouldn’t pay the bills – at least, that’s what my dad used to say. So I listened to him, and let my passion become a mere memory. Read more


The Making of Dragon Shield by Dianne Gardner

Making a novel come to life is a thrilling experience. And when a team of talented people joined me to create a trailer for my fantasy story, pouring their hearts into the project, I just can’t express the thrill! Read more


Making THE DEVELOPER trailer by Gergely Laszlo-Zwickl

The story of THE DEVELOPER originated from Hungarian cartoonist/filmmaker Robert Odegnal. This film is his work in all respects. From the birth of the idea through the detailed screenplay development and thorough pre-production, production and post-production of the film, Robert did basically everything. He imagined this world with its characters; he drew the storyboard based on his own comic Read more