If you’ve got a smartphone, have we got an opportunity for you!


In early 2012, IMTF will launch its “Smartphone Movie Trailer Contest.” All entries will be shot using smartphones or tablets. The prizes will be astonishing. And we predict even those who don’t win will have fun. But first,  IMTF needs an entertaining, 60-second trailer that promotes the competition. And we’ll pay $500 for the best one submitted to us by January 31, 2012.

The Challenge for You

If you choose to submit a commercial, your 60-second video must:

  • Include a title card with the contest name: “IMTF’s Smartphone Movie Trailer Contest.”
  • Explain that the contest is for trailers for movies not yet made (fiction or documentary).
  • Make clear that entries must be shot using smartphones or e-tablets.
  • Get across the idea that there will be cash and other prizes.
  • Tell how to enter the contest  by including a text card that sends viewers to www.imtf.biz.

Important: The promotional trailer must itself be shot using a smartphone or tablet!

To submit your commercial promoting our contest simply upload your video to YouTube.com, then email the embed code to Murray@imtf.biz. There is no entry fee. But there is a deadline: January 31, 2012.

The Rewards

In addition to showing off your skills, you will win $500 if we choose your commercial to promote our smartphone contest. The first 20 people who submit a commercial will earn a free pass to next year’s regular movie trailer festival. The winner will be announced on February  1, 2012.

The Fine Print

Because we intend to use the commercial online, you must have releases from all actors (including voiceover actors), plus copyright clearance for music, art, and materials owned by anyone other than you. You do not need to send the releases when submitting your commercial.

We’re eager to see what you come up with. If you have questions, send them to info@imtf.biz.